Tuesday, July 1, 2008

6 Kids!!!

No I'm not pregnant with twins!  Thanks goodness.  But i've been watching a girlfriends kids for her while they are on vacation-Lucky her!  Anyway they are good kids but it's just the number of them and the noise.  Okay picture this yesterday at dinner- Chris is cooking (yeah) and I'm helping and Sydney has 2 friends over, then Zach has Seth over and then we have Kyle, Tyler and Hunter and Chloe and Thea...........yes that's 10 kids and the girls were playing the Rock Band so it was noisy.  I was ready to lose it, but we made with through dinner, bath, hair, teeth and bed.  The boys watched National Treasure 2 and then went to bed.  Today I need to get them out of the house and go and do something-maybe McDonalds play place for lunch.  It's been fun for Chloe to have Thea here they like to wake up together and they play pretty good most of the time.  This was easier than I thought but the noise can be alot at times.  I'll need a vacation when I'm done babysitting hhmmm maybe i'll call on Tiffany to watch my kids............:)     


The Gardiner Gang said...

Sounds like you need a girl's night out! I know I would love to go out and have a good time.

I wonder how the Duggers do it!? Crazy!

Giles Family said...

mabe one more is looking good? hey Christy,Just kidding I would go crazy!!! Happy 4th of july tomorrow
love ya

Bill and Hayley said...

If you are missing having all those kids around you can take mine for a while.

Christy said...

Your blog is so cute! Good job, Sydney! I love all the pictures. Good to see you guys the other day. I wish we lived closer so we could get together more often. We'll be on that side of town someday.