Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our little Mia

Well we had to say goodbye to our little Mia.  She was bit a few months ago on the eye by our black lab Daisy (she wasn't happy that Mia was trying to eat her food).  Mia's eye swelled up and then a bluish grey film covered it and we could tell that she was blind in that eye.  So from then on we fed the dogs separately until the other night when Mia slipped out the sliding door while Daisy was being fed and it happened again on the other eye!  This time it was worse and the eye popped out of the socket (not all the way out) but enough that even if she had the surgery(over $1000) to fix it there was no guarantee that she would ever see in that eye.  So we decided to take her to humane society and they could decide whether to treat her or put her down.  The doctor there said there was hope of fixing it and adopting her to someone who could take care of a blind dog.  We are so sad!  We miss her and I think Daisy misses her too.  We just knew that with 4 kids and all the friends running around and with Daisy acting the way she does we knew we couldn't keep her anymore.  She was such a funny dog and loved to sit her little bum on daisy and then her front paws would sit on the ground, it was so  cute.  The pics are of the kids on the morning we took her away.  Her eyes were bandaged so she couldn't see anything.  It was heartbreaking to see my kids cry and suffer that she was leaving.  That was the hardest part for me, hands down. ( I didn't put the extra sad pictures on).  Goodbye Mia Sophia we love you!

My 14 Year Old Sydney

My attempt at a flip flop cake
Her new chair for her room

Yummy breakfast!

Oh how I love this girl!  Sydney is such a wonderful, beautiful, caring daughter.  She turned 14 on August 2nd which was a sunday (fast sunday) so we did her birthday breakfast in bed on saturday the 1st and she had requested Cheesy potatoes and a smoothie and that's exactly what she got.  Then her and I went shopping and she get a new purse and wallet, a papasan chair for her room, a new lamp.  Then on her real birthday she got a big picture frame to put her friends pictures in.  She also received great cards and lots and lots of goodies!! Holy cow we had so much sugar in our house.  Grandma G brought over homemade custom cupcakes in a very cute box ( she also took her shopping and to dinner for her b-day). She also received some $$ from Grandma and Grandpa Brereton.  She got a cake from Brooke M, yummy brownies from the Chapples and then I attempted to make a flip flop cake.  I did a few things wrong but it turned out okay I will know better for the next one though.  All in all it was a great weekend for her.  The next weekend she wanted to do something with her friends so we took them to the Arizona Grand resort and we had dinner, stayed the night in a suite, ate lots of junk food and then Hayley and I got up early and went running almost 5 miles (had to work off the junk food).  They we stayed and played at the resort water park.  It was so fun!  Happy Birthday Sydney!

First Day of School

Chloe First Day Isn't she cute in Blue?
Yes this is all my teenager would give me.....nice
Zach first day
Kyle First Day

Okay, okay So I'm a tad behind on my blogging but better late than never.  So here is the first day of school on July 27th, 2009.  Sydney is a freshman at Hamilton High School she starts her day very early so that means that I do too.  She is up at 5am and ready to go out the door by 6am.  We are carpooling everyday as the buses don't run that early.  I drive every 3rd week and it works out very well.   Zach is at Fulton Elementary in 5th Grade in Mrs. Wong's class.  He was so excited to get her as she is a fantastic teacher.  Kyle is in Ms. Shaheen's 2nd grade class and she is also very nice and very pretty too.  My sweet little Chloe started preschool at Shirley's Sure Start Preschool.  She goes monday and wednesday 9-11:30 and is loving it.  She loves taking her backpack and feels like such a big girl.  It was such a weird, free feeling to run my errands that day and have no kids with me.  It was nice but it was a reality check for me that I'm getting older and so are my kids.  Boohoo.  School is so far so good, Zach is playing the trumpet and has started football with CYF and it's very intense 4 nights a week 2.5hrs each time!  He wasn't sure at first but now he really likes it.  Kyle is in baseball on the Cubs team with CNLL and Sydney will be starting soccer soon.  Our life can feel a little crazy at times but I love it, I love this time and I'm trying to enjoy each moment.