Monday, April 26, 2010


Wow, we finally decided to get new appliances.  It was our 16th wedding anniversary the beginning of April and we felt that it was time to change it up a bit and get 4 brand new sparkling stainless steel appliances.  We absolutely love them, I might love them more but its not a competition right?   They make our kitchen look so much better, what do you think?

Here is Chris the night before unhooking the gas line, nice legs babe!
Ta Dah!  
Ah, a new kitchen!

Hard Work and Persistance Pays off!

I wanted to congratulate Sydney on a job well done!  She worked really hard on her personal progress and earned her YW medallion which is  a beautiful silver necklace with a pendant with the SLC temple on it with a ruby.  She read, studied, and worked on (8) 10 hour projects and then read the entire Book of Mormon!  We are so proud of her.  Some of her projects that she finished were gardening with her dad, teaching her cousins to swim, making a quilt with Grandma Gardiner and budgeting and cooking with me.  She is such an example to me and I hope she found great satisfaction in being obedient and accomplishing her goal.  I love that girl!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wow! 16 Years

Today, yes today April fools day is my favorite day!  Why?  Because I've been married for 16 years today, no it's not a joke:).  I'm so happy and love my life, I feel so blessed in every way.  I love you!!!  We celebrated last night because tonight we have baseball (nothing new there) we went to Costco, isn't that romantic?  Then we went out for Thai food and then to Home Depot.  Don't get jealous folks I know you wish you spent your anniversary there too.  But we left home depot with 4 beautiful new appliances!  They will be delivered to our house next tuesday and they can't come soon enough.  If you could only see the sad state of our dishwasher as the top rack droops down and everything is rusting.  So needless to say it's time for an upgrade and we decided to do the whole kitchen rather than just the dishwasher.  I'll post pics next week.  Happy Anniversary Chris, thank you for everything!