Monday, September 22, 2008

Husband Tag

1.  Where did you meet?  We met at the Glenwood Apartments in Provo, Utah.  Chris would say that we met at my boyfriends apartment but he was just my friend.  We use to tease each other about our names and we just became friends.

2.  How long did you date before you got married? 7 months

3.  How long have you been married?  14 Years

4.  What does he do that surprises you?  He brings me flowers when I least expect it.

5.  What is your favorite feature of his?  I love Chris's cheeks and big smile and yes his feet that never smell!

6.  What is your favorite quality of his?  He is a good father and husband.  He always wants the best for our family, and is a great provider.    

7.  Does he have a nickname for you?  No I don't think so, just mom or Christy.

8.  What is his favorite color?  No idea, I don't think he has one.

9.  What is his favorite food? Chris loves all kinds of foods he especially likes Sushi, Thai and Indian food,  He loves mexican food and anything with caramel in it.

10.  What is his favorite Sport?   Chris isn't a huge sports fan (thank goodness), I know he for sure likes baseball especially when the boys are playing and soccer when Sydney is playing he also likes to watch the BYU Cougars play in the fall.

11.  When and where was your first kiss?  We kissed at the Palace dance club in Provo on a little bench, I couldn't tell you when it was though probably Sept 93

12. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?  We like to go to dinner together and then go shopping if we don't shop we might see a movie.  We also love our reality shows that we watch together.

13.  Do you have any children?  Yes- Sydney, Zach, Kyle and Chloe

14.  Does he have a hidden talent?  Chris is very handy and good at fixing things he can also play the piano beautifully!  Oh I can't forget his awesome wakeboarding skills!

15.  How old is he?  39 (sorry honey)

16. Who said I love you first?  I don't remember

17.  What's his favorite music?  He likes everything.

18.  What do you admire most about him?  There are many things I admire, he is a great person and loves to be successful.   Chris is creative and is very smart.  I've always loved that about him and it especially comes in handy when my 8th grader brings home math that I've forgotten how to do and he can help her with it.    

19.  Do you think he will read this?  Yes eventually

I tag Hayley, Randee, Natalie

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy Month!

Life has been very busy in our household.  I love the fall (even though it's still 103 degrees), the humidity goes away, the mornings are perfect and there's excitement for the upcoming months.  We have been busy with baseball, homework and projects.  The boys are doing great on their teams, both teams are undefeated so far, they truly are becoming good little ball players and we are proud of them. Sydney is busy with lots of homework and projects.  She had a fun opportunity last week, for a grade in school she had to perform at halftime in the marching band at the Hamilton High School and Brophy Prep football game, it was a huge game and even some of the AZ. Cardinal players were there (Matt Leinhert)!  She is busy making new friends, being a good missionary and tumbling on monday nights with Zach, we're proud of you.  Chloe is well lets just say Chloe!  She is always into things and loves to talk about her friend Thea and her cousins.  She loves Disney princesses and we just celebrated her 3rd birthday the end of August (of course it was a princess party)  She got a new bike, dress up clothes, barbie laptop, 2 new dolls, a ball and some new pj's.  
I was released from the Young Women's a few weeks ago (cry, cry) and put into primary and I'm now teaching Zach's class (yeah)!  Kyle read his 100 books so we are off to Disneyland in October with our good friends the Moore's and we're all very excited especially Chloe, she always talks about the princesses she will see. Chris is always busy with work and he is enjoying his new hobby as Cactus Chris, he loves going out to the farm and watching those cactus grow. 
 I don't mean to ramble but I'm trying to catch up on what we've been doing.   We also enjoyed a nice afternoon at the temple yesterday with my family and then we went to dinner at Rosa's Mexican food.  I'll post some new pictures soon.