Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break Vacation!

We went to San Diego this past week and had so much fun!  We arrived sunday night and left wednesday.  We were able to go to Sea World ( we loved the Atlantis and Shamu of course)  We also went to the San Diego temple, toured the USS Midway and the Beach!!  My kids had so much fun there until it got cold.  I love being on vacation with the family.    Here are some of the pictures we took.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Here are some random pictures of things that we've been doing in the last few months. I love my life!

We had a few stray dogs for a few days before our friends adopted them

Sydney finished another season of soccer, she's awesome!
Zach memorized the 13 articles of faith
Kyle memorized the 13 articles of faith

Kyle had a great basketball season with his buddies
Chloe playing
Chloe and her funny ballet poses
She absolutely loves to dance
Sydney received an award for finishing her soccer season at Hamilton, she loved to make her team mates laugh :)
Chloe went to a class called Melody Makers she is performing in the picture.

The Firehouse

Chloe went on her first preschool field trip to the firestation.  She was so excited and loved to sit in their big recliners and watch a video and learn about stop, drop and roll.  She loved the big fire truck and ambulance and thought it was cool to get a band aid put on by the firefighter (she scratched her chin).  She didn't think it was so cool when we were taking pictures though she didn't want us to see her band aid (vanity starts at such a young age, doesn't it?)

The Derby!!

As the pinewood derby rolls around each year it's so fun for the boys to plan and make and paint the car.  This year it was Kyle's turn and they made (Chris mostly, shhh) a great red car! Kyle had a great time racing it and being with his buddies. 


Monday, March 8, 2010

Arrow of Light

Zach received his webelos badge and his Arrow of Light the same night, they had a really cool ceremony for the boys.  He worked really hard to get it done and we are very proud.  (some pics arn't focused, sorry)  It was fun to see both my boys received awards on the same night, Kyle got his soccer belt loop.