Sunday, February 1, 2015


I'm trying my very best to catch up on my blog or family history....I'm not doing such a great job and the guilt I have over not staying on top of this keeps me up at night.  So this post will be pictures of 2013.

 Chris brought home the biggest Nutella and Sydney was giddy over it!!
 Still Giddy!
 Chloe fell out of a tree and broke her arm....
 We had Zach's 14th birthday party in January and they made pizzas with Chris and played games outside.  Happy birthday Zach!!

 Mom's birthday is February 14th and we love celebrating her every year.  She is such an amazing mom and I'm so lucky to call her my mom and my kids are lucky to call her their grandma.
 Sydney had a fantastic group of friends her senior year. 
 We had a fun family photo shoot on the reservation across from our house.
 My sweetheart
Our beautiful kids
 We were able to have this incredible experience in March of 2013.  We were a Ma and Pa on our stake trek.  Sydney and Zach were able to go as well.  It was one of the most incredible experiences I've had.  We were assigned an awesome group of kids.  Sarah, Kennedy, Rachel, Isaac, Caleb, Nick, and           .  We walked and walked about 13 miles the first day.  We had no food, only water.  We walked until about 11pm.  The last stretch was uphill and rocky.  We were all tired and hungry and not one of our kids complained or stopped and they all did there best to help move the load and get us to the top.  As we were going up the hill Caleb said he didn't feel good and Chris and him stopped and took a break.  Caleb started throwing up and the stake leaders asked if he wanted a ride to the top and Caleb said no he wanted to keep walking and do it by himself.  He was given a blessing and made it to the top and was just fine.  What a sweet moment that was for us to witness the priesthood and miracles in our life.  That night we had beef broth and bread and went right to sleep.  The next day  we traveled a short distance and stopped at our camp spot.  We set up camp and there we went to classes, activities, we danced and laughed and cooked our own food.  We had a great time and our kids were incredible.  There faith and love of life and laughter made the whole experience amazing.   I will never forget our trek kids.  Sydney and Zach had great families and had a great time as well.

 Best buddies!

We celebrated dads birthday with yummy mexican food!
 We had uncle Merle take pictures of our family in May I love the pics of the kids.
 a little out of order but this sign is from Sydneys graduation pary May 25, 2013

 We ordered sub sandwiches, and had chips, salad, punch and desserts

In June, Sydney and I went on an incredible trip to Ireland, England and Paris as her senior trip.  We went with Debbie and Merle Mckinnon and some kids from school.  We had a fabulous time!  She has all the pics on her computer so ill add more later.

 4th of July! we had friends over and barbequed and sang and watched fireworks with the Moores.

 Zach first day of school at Hamilton High School as a freshman, what a good looking kid!
 Handsome Kyle  was a 6th grader and Beautiful Chloe started 3rd grade.

 Our beautiful Sydney turned 18!  She went to BYUi in September.  Chris and I drove up with her and my van was completely full, every inch was taken up with stuff!  She also met a great guy that summer named Kevin Aylesworth and they dated and saw each other every day until she left for college.....
 Chloe turned 8!  We had a spa party, with sugar scrubs for our hands, egg white facials, spa bingo and cucumbers on our eyes! 

 We re-did her bedroom for her birthday so she had a big girl bedroom.

 Zach and Kyle played on the Legacy soccer teams.  I love watching them play! 

Kyle sure loves his cereal and a little clash of clans....

I'm trying to figure out all my photos so there are more to come.