Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rain, Rain!

A few weeks ago we had a serious downpour and as we all know this rarely happens in Phoenix so we couldn't help but go outside, the funny thing was that all of our neighbors came out as well. We enjoyed the cool temperatures and the kids and Chris loved it!

School Has Started! 7/28/08

Well yesterday the kids went to school and Sydney is in 8th Grade and Zach is in 4th and Kyle is in 1st.  They were sad to see the summer end but it was definitely time to get back into the swing of things and have a routine again.  As for Chloe and I we went to the gym (she played I worked up a sweat) then we ran errands and did laundry-yeah.  I always take pictures of the kids on their first day of school so here are a few of them.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Journal 7/14-7/20

This past week we didn't do too much.  The kids played with friends and swam alot.  We had dentist and ortho appointments for the kids and Chris, which is always fun at least they are at the same office.   Friday night Chris took the boys to the Diamondbacks/Dodgers game and they had awesome seats they were right on the dug out for the Dodgers!  They danced up there and caught a baseball and saw fireworks.  Zach loved it as he loves baseball.  While they were at the game I went to my sisters for a game night with my family and we had so much fun, I haven't laughed like that in a long time.  Game nights are always fun!  Sydney and I sang in church on sunday -No not a duet that would be a disaster but all the youth sang and it was a very pretty song.  This is the last week of summer for my kids so I hope they have fun and enjoy it.  I'll write again next week.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Journal 7/7-7/13

Okay so I've come to the conclusion that I'm not a very good journal writer but I'm always on the computer. I decided that I'm going to write on the blog once a week and write about what we did as a family, it's more for my purposes than for everyone else. So last week I took my kids school shopping, I thought it would be fun to take each one separately and then get them a treat after-kind of like a mommy daughter/son date. We had fun and now they are all outfitted for school, I just need the school supplies but CUSD won't give us the lists until we meet the teacher a few days before school starts.....that drives me crazy ( I have no patience)! Chloe is still in swim lessons and she is doing very good, she still cries but she does everything she's asked to do. She did swallow ALOT of water one day (you could see her stomach bulging) and as soon as she got out of the pool she threw it all up but she felt much better. The kids also spent the night at grandma Gardiner's house, the boys went on wednesday with Jordan and Sydney went on thursday night. Friday night Chris and I went out to dinner with our great friends the Moore's we ate at Cantina Laredo (it was okay). Saturday we went boating with my parents and Chad and Randee and their kids, it was so fun we always love going to the lake.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Chloe's First Swim Lesson

My Friend Mindy  started teaching swim lessons this summer, so we signed Chloe up and today was her first lesson and she did NOT like it!  She did okay at first on the step but when they went into the deep water she freaked out.  Mindy was so good she was very calm with her and sang cute swimming songs to her.  She put Chloe in frontwards facing the pool and had her turn around and get to the wall and then pull herself out, (yeah it's a little scary for mom) but towards the end was doing it on her own and I was so proud of her.  Chloe's voice was horse towards the end from screaming "mommy, mommy" but they looked for cute pool toys on the big step and Chloe seemed to like that.  I'm so glad we're doing this so that she can feel more comfortable in the water and not cry so much.  I'll update at the end of the 2 weeks and let you know how she does.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

6 Kids!!!

No I'm not pregnant with twins!  Thanks goodness.  But i've been watching a girlfriends kids for her while they are on vacation-Lucky her!  Anyway they are good kids but it's just the number of them and the noise.  Okay picture this yesterday at dinner- Chris is cooking (yeah) and I'm helping and Sydney has 2 friends over, then Zach has Seth over and then we have Kyle, Tyler and Hunter and Chloe and Thea...........yes that's 10 kids and the girls were playing the Rock Band so it was noisy.  I was ready to lose it, but we made with through dinner, bath, hair, teeth and bed.  The boys watched National Treasure 2 and then went to bed.  Today I need to get them out of the house and go and do something-maybe McDonalds play place for lunch.  It's been fun for Chloe to have Thea here they like to wake up together and they play pretty good most of the time.  This was easier than I thought but the noise can be alot at times.  I'll need a vacation when I'm done babysitting hhmmm maybe i'll call on Tiffany to watch my kids............:)