Monday, July 14, 2008

Journal 7/7-7/13

Okay so I've come to the conclusion that I'm not a very good journal writer but I'm always on the computer. I decided that I'm going to write on the blog once a week and write about what we did as a family, it's more for my purposes than for everyone else. So last week I took my kids school shopping, I thought it would be fun to take each one separately and then get them a treat after-kind of like a mommy daughter/son date. We had fun and now they are all outfitted for school, I just need the school supplies but CUSD won't give us the lists until we meet the teacher a few days before school starts.....that drives me crazy ( I have no patience)! Chloe is still in swim lessons and she is doing very good, she still cries but she does everything she's asked to do. She did swallow ALOT of water one day (you could see her stomach bulging) and as soon as she got out of the pool she threw it all up but she felt much better. The kids also spent the night at grandma Gardiner's house, the boys went on wednesday with Jordan and Sydney went on thursday night. Friday night Chris and I went out to dinner with our great friends the Moore's we ate at Cantina Laredo (it was okay). Saturday we went boating with my parents and Chad and Randee and their kids, it was so fun we always love going to the lake.


Bill and Hayley said...

Your blog is like a journal. You can blurb your blog. You print 50 pages for $13 into a hard bound book. Your blog is cute and I love to hear and read what is going on in your life.

Christy said...

great idea! I should treat mine more like a journal. It seems like I only blog if I have pictures to put up. Maybe my life is too boring to write about without pictures to pique intrest:)

The Gardiner Gang said...

I totally know what you mean about posting with no pictures. One of my friends gets little cute pictures off the internet (I guess) of whatever she's blogging about if she doesn't have a pic that she took. I'm too lazy to take the time to do that. I'll just type away and if there's no pic, then there's no pic! Oh well, whatcha gonna do about it? LOL!

I love reading about whatever you and other moms are up to, worried about, thinking about, interests, anything! Because chances are, I'm experiencing the same feelings and it's nice to know I'm not alone!