Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chloe turned 4 on Aug 28th but I've been a litttle slow on my posts so I'm finally getting to it.  She was so excited for her birthday it was all she talked about.  She decided (with the help of her brothers) to go to Bounce Jungle, we invited the neighborhood kids, and cousins.  They were able to jump for a few hours then I gave them all treat bags and a cupcake and that was it.  It was very fun.  She got some cute gifts like a necklace, a dress, shoes, and hair bows, books, window markers and crayons,  2 princess barbies, a barbie cash register, Lelli Kelly shoes, cd player and 4 cd's, dress up dresses and accessories and a princess sleeping bag and tent.  I decided to try and make another themed birthday cake so I made a mermaid cake and it was cute but I'm definitely still learning.   Happy Birthday Chloe We love you!

Chloe's 4th Birthday

Awesome Cousins Jillian and Jocee
Chloe's best friends Maya and Thea
Yeah she looks a little scary
Birthday Cake
Dancing to the music on her CD player from G&G Gardiner
In her new tent from Grandma B
Barbie mermaid bath set
Breakfast in bed (toaster Strudel and yogurt)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Stomach has a headache.....

My dear sweet Chloe always says funny things and I didn't want to forget them.  As I was doing the dishes this morning she came downstairs and told me that her stomach has a headache.  Then when we were on our ways to mom's class she told me that her teeth and her eyes are very special.  I love the 4 year old stage they are so cute and say such fun things.  Not too much is new, we are very busy with kids activities and life, I will blog about Chloe's birthday soon.