Saturday, June 28, 2008

Swim Party

Our grandma Gardiner held a swim party yesterday and these are some pictures of who was there and what we did... enjoy! 
Randee and Callie
Uncle Clint and Ryan
Chloe's first attempt at make up
Grandma Sackley and Kelly
Zach surfing
Our cute cousin Callie
Uncle Allan
Uncle Peter
Dinner Time
Hayley, Sydney, and Susan
Our cousins Jillian and Salinda
Hayley making ice cream
Uncle Bill, Aunt Hayley, and Baden
Kids in the pool
Grandma Sackley and Doug
Sydney and Zach in the pool
Kent, Chloe, and Kenya in the hammock 
Kyle and Chloe on the swing
Chloe on Grandma's swing :)


Giles Family said...

hey you guy it lookes so fun in the pool! what a great party. p.s. what picture ?

The Gardiner Gang said...

The party was so fun!! The pics of Callie are so cute!