Friday, October 1, 2010


Well it's been busy around the Brereton household as usual. We are always running in different directions with the boys sports and YW for Sydney and I. YW is awesome, I absolutely love it. Last night we went to a Zumba class at the rec center, it was so fun. The kids are done with school for the next few weeks as it is already time for the fall break (wow) where did the time go? I am looking forward to not having to get up early in the morning, I'm sure my body will wake up at that exact same time everyday and i'll have to force myself to go back to sleep which doesn't always happen if you know what I mean. We are looking forward to General Conference this weekend and afterwards we are going to mom's for dinner with Sylvia. She also came last weekend to the women's broadcast and really enjoyed it. She has some new friends from Africa that just happen to be in our ward and it's been so great for her to connect with them. Our ward has really reached out to her and made her feel loved and welcome. Life is good, but busy, Chloe is so funny she decided on her own this week that she was personally going to decorate for Halloween. While I was gone one day and Zach was in charge she got into the halloween box in the garage (didn't know she knew where it was) and put it all around the house. She plugged the pumpkin in right in the middle of the hallway and put the orange twinkly lights in front of our TV and just random things on the floor. I should have taken a picture because it was quite a sight, she is just so excited about it. Sydney is busy with school, friends etc... the life of a teenager is always filled with a busy social calendar I get tired just thinking about it. She has been so great to babysit during the boys games when she doesn't want to go so we keep Chloe at home with her. I will post more next week.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not Too Much

Well I feel I need to just post what we are doing for journaling sake. We are one busy family that is for sure. I'm so happy to be able to do these things even though I may grumble some days. The kids are good just busy with sports. Zach played a game last night and hit a home run. Kyle went to scouts and got a great FHE lesson to teach us. Chloe brought a new friend from school home named Isabelle, she was so excited to have her here. Sydney went to a party last weekend and they were on a super big slip and slide and she somehow stepped on a stake and it almost went into the foot (thank goodness that didn't happen) but she does have a nice bruise and it's hurts and is hard to walk on. I sent a note to school so she wouldn't have to play soccer this morning (she was excited). We had a really busy sunday I had Ward council at 7am, then it was church 9-12, it was my turn to teach and I have such a great group of girls! Then it was time for choir practice all the YW and their mom's are singing in church in 2 weeks and it's a beautiful song so we are practicing to sound good. After Choir which ran a bit late we were on our way home and Chris texted Sydney and told her to hurry and we weren't sure what was going on, (doesn't he know we were already hurrying home for my sunday afternoon nap??) Well that didn't happen, as soon as I walked in the door he said we had a missionary discussion in 5 minutes!! So I quickly tidied up the house and we had Sylvia's boss Irma and her husband over with Sylvia and Missionaries for a great discussion. Soon after we realized that the missionaries needed dinner and we offered to have them stay, which they did and then it was quickly time for the youth fireside at 7pm. Bro. Harris spoke and did a great job talking about loving people through problems. Then we were home around was a long day but it's all good and productive things that we were doing. This week we are having an Etiquette dinner for the youth they do it every year and love it. Wow I didn't expect to write this much. Off to start breakfast for the kids.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The last 3 months!!

The past few weeks have been busy for me as I was released from the Primary presidency and they put me in as the new Young Women's president. It has been humbling and overwhelming to say the least. I absolutely love the girls and am so excited to work with them. My life just got SUPER busy :) It's a good busy though and it will be so much fun!

Chloe turned 5! We decided to have a swim party at the Basha pool and we invited her friends and cousins to come and swim. They had pizza, cupcakes and drinks. For her birthday she got hello kitty stationary, a strawberry shortcake doll, a new shirt and candy, hair bows and jewelry, a princess Tiana doll, a new bike, a webkinz, princess Tiana dress up dress, a cute stuffed puppy, clothes, and a moxie doll from grandma G and g&g Brereton sent her a frog cookie bouquet. Her daddy brought her home some pretty pink roses and she had breakfast in bed which consisted of an omelet and a poptart with water. Happy birthday Chloe!

Random pictures

This is how Chris and Zach spent their time while we were in Utah! Shocking!

For the past 4 months we have had wonderful missionary experiences in our home. We came in contact with a beautiful lady named Salviah(Sylvia) through the missionaries. We had the discussions in our home and took her to the Easter Pageant, ward activities and to church. She gained a testimony and has taught our family so much. She decided to be baptized on August 21st. She was baptized by Elder Carpenter and Chris confirmed her. I gave a talk on baptism and Sydney talked on the Holy Ghost(voluntarily) she did an incredible job and I was so proud of my daughter and her beautiful testimony and understanding of the gospel. Sylvia is a great lady and we are all better from knowing her. She is ready to jump in and serve and do what is asked of her. Our other picture here is of Zach receiving some awards at the court of honor.

Sydney turned 15!!!! My baby is getting so big. She chose not to have a party this year, so we took the family and her friend Dallon to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I wish I had a picture of her sitting on the saddle as everyone sang happy birthday to her, it was cute. She got a new flat iron, gift card to Charming Charlies, and new bedding stuff. She then went to the D-backs game with her best friend Taylor and got to be on the Jumbotron and had a great time. We love you Sydney.

The first day of School came quickly. Chloe started Kindergarten with 2 teachers Mrs. Salontai and Mrs. Forney (she has the most pics of course, what do you expect?) Kyle started 3rd grade with Mrs. Shore and Zach is at the top of the school in 6th grade with Mr. Shimizu. Sydney is my big sophomore at Hamilton. Here are random pics from the first 2 days.

We celebrated Chris's birthday while Sydney was at camp and I made him a cactus cake which is so fitting for him as he loves cactus. We then went to Utah, right in the middle of Zach's All star baseball season. I got to see 2 games and then we had to leave to get Sydney up to Provo for EFY. We made the trip into 2 days and we were glad to get there and be out of the heat. The kids played with their cousins, swam outside, played games, had sleepovers and ate lots of great food. Sydney had a fantastic time at EFY with Taylor (who broke her toe the week before and had surgery 3 days before EFY) She was a trooper. We were supposed to stay longer but after Zach's team won the district championship I was so sad that I missed it that I decided to pack up early and head home. I didn't want to miss anymore games. They ended the season like 4th in the state! It was a fun summer.

Sydney headed up to girls camp the middle of June as a 4th year. This was the year of the big hike, she made it just fine and had so much fun. She was a trooper as she had to carry a big heavy pack on her back but she got to swim in a lake and go on hikes. I was able to drive her up and see where she camps, it was fun to see her there.

Chloe finished up pre-school with Ms. Shirley and made a good friend named Hewitt Peterson. These are pics of the kids last day of school and Zach with his science experiment. Kyle went to Cub Scout day camp and had so much fun swimming, shooting, eating, passing off requirements and being with his buddies. He missed the first 2 days because he was sick. One of the days he had a baseball game and he ran off the field after one inning because he was throwing up. He did come and give it his all, we were proud of him.

The boys finished up baseball season the end of May. Kyle played on the Hooks with all of his friends and Chris was the coach. They finished 2nd place in the league! Zach finished his season with the Giants and did great.