Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Busy, Busy, Busy!

This week starting with Sunday has been so busy!  Not sure why Sunday is called the day of rest, I was gone from 9:40 am until 8:45pm that evening.  I had meetings, church, family dinner and then a camp meeting.  I was soooo tired and just fell into bed that night.  I've been working a bit this week and the kids are busy with homework and school.  Kyle had a baseball game on monday and did great!  ZAch had a volleyball game on monday as well and they won 2 games to 1 against Payne JH.  Zach consistently plays each game for the entire time.  Tonight the youth are going to the temple for Baptisms.  I am excited to do that with them, what a wonderful opportunity.  Sydney has her dance recital wed, thurs and friday of this week and I can't wait to see it.  She has been working on it all year.  Sydney has also been busy with prom plans!  She was asked on saturday by Jamison but I soon found out that another boy was going to ask her that same night too.  She has been helping all these boys ask these girls in cute ways.  I love that they are going to go in a big group and some are blind dates so I hope that turns out well.  Grandma Gardiner is making her dress it's a pretty soft, yellow, chiffon dress that goes to the floor.  I can't wait to take pictures!!!  Chloe is loving every moment with her friends, Thea came over and they play so good now so they had a good time.  Life is so good, now if we could just get our pool plans approved it would be even better!  We are going on waiting 6 months now......

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seriously.........It's been how long??

Wow, I can't believe that I only blog like 3 times a year now, it's pathetic! Anyway I need to sum up what has been going on before I forget what has been happening.  Let's start with Sydney...Beautiful Sydney is very busy!  She is busy at HHS going to school and taking her ACT's. Sydney was awarded the HHS student of the month in February for her attitude and work.  (so proud!!!!!) She is the Laurel secretary at church and has been working at Origami Owl.  She takes the photos of all the product for the website and the models.  Her work will be published in their catalog today. Check it out at  She enjoys hanging out with friends and going to concerts like Taylor Swift, Hunter Hayes, etc...  SHe has a very cute sense of style and loves to pick out and buy her own clothes.  She if very independent and drives herself everywhere, it's hard because i don't feel like I see her much and my time with her is slipping away as she will graduate next year.......:(
Zach has been very busy as well.  He has been working hard at school to keep the grades up.  He is a boy scout and just got his Life on sunday night, the next step...Eagle (finally)!! He finished up the Santan Legacy soccer season in March and he then jumped right into Volleyball.  We were kind of surprised but he loves it and he plays for the Santan Jr. High team.  Zach is busy each week with sports, scout hikes like to Fat Man's Pass, Picacho Peak and Weavers Needle.  He loves to hang with his buddies and I especially love to see him pass the sacrament each sunday.  
Kyle is doing great!  He is working hard at school and enjoys his class and teacher a lot!  He finished up fall and winter soccer which he did extremely well and loved to score goals and run down the field like a pro.  He then jumped right into baseball with his buddy Tyler Moore and Chris and Brad are coaching the team.  They have been undefeated until last week they lost by 1 point.   Hopefully that will motivate them to win the rest of the games.  Kyle is a fantastic team player! I can always hear him in the dugout cheering teammates on and talking to them on the field and being positive.  Kyle is in the webelos in scouts and when baseball is over he can finally start to go back.  He is so sweet and loves to give us lots of hugs.  He still likes to get up super early in the morning and play xbox or watch TV and he enjoys watching some fun reality TV with me like The Amazing Race and The Voice. 
Chloe is the last but not least, she is our little princess. She loves to go to school and be with her friends.  She is taking a gymnastics class called Tumbletown right at Fulton every Monday, and she enjoys coming home and showing us what she has learned.  Chloe is learning to read fluently and spell words and be a good student.   She LOVES her friends and wants to play every second that she can.  Her 2 best friends are still Maya and Thea.  She comes home every Sunday and tells us that she has learned about Jesus and enjoys her primary class.  Chloe is very loving and gives big hugs and kisses that make my day.  She has recently discovered the hula hoop and boy can that girl hula!!  She is so good at it and loves to walk around the house saying "watch mom, watch mom"  I love it!  
Chris and I are doing good.  I'm still in YW as the president and Chris is the Ward mission leader and we both keep quite busy with our schedules and the kids activities.  Chris and I ran the Ragnar Relay with my family in February and it was so fun!! We could have trained more but we did our best and had a great time.  I did have to run some hills in Fountain Hills that were KILLER, I never thought that I would finish.  Thanks for the support of my awesome team and some prayer I made it!!   We are hoping to build a pool as soon as the plans are approved, we can't wait to play out there all summer!!  We also had some of our animals deliver babies this spring. It was so neat to see  them be born and to witness the baby goats and lamb get up and walk just minutes after coming into this world.  We enjoyed having Chris's parents with us for a bit and they really helped us with our yard to add to it and clean it up.  I started a new job as a Marketer for an Orthodontist office in February.  It has been so fun! My friend Angela called me and asked if I would be interested in helping her do this and I have loved it ever since.  We enjoy working and then shopping at DI or goodwill for fun treasures.  Most fun job I've had and the office we work for is fantastic! 

We are SO blessed and love our life.  I'm sad it's going to so quickly so I'm trying to enjoy every second.