Sunday, September 30, 2012


Well I'm trying to stay focused on my goal and write once a month, so far so good.  It's been pretty uneventful this September.  We have just been busy with life.  Lots of soccer games for Kyle, Zach and Sydney ( Chris had to bribe her to play ) and yes for Chris and I too! We both joined a co-ed soccer team and we play with a bunch of people from our ward and we are loving it!!  I have never played soccer a day in my life when I started so I knew nothing, but I'm learning and I really love the exercise and hanging out with good friends. This has been my month to start running again now that the temps in the mornings are coming down. I need to get back into shape as Chris and I have been asked to be a ma and pa on our upcoming stake trek in March 2013!  I'm very excited but nervous and I know it will be hard but I can't wait for the experience and to feel a little of what our pioneer ancestors had to go through.  Chloe has been dancing and she LOVES it, she really enjoys hip hop dancing and looks forward to it every week.  Sydney has been working as a nanny and going to school hanging with friends.  We have had to talk about college and work out details and I think she is realizing that real life outside mom and dads home is not going to be easy.  She has come up with a plan that is good but just a few things to work out.  I'm soooooooooo not looking forward to the day we have to leave her up in Utah, I will cry.  The boys are busy with school and sports and they love to swim and wrestle with eachother and just be boys. :)  We are heading up to Utah in 2 days for a wonderful week.  Keith is going to the temple for the first time on Wednesday Oct 3 and then he and Pat will be sealed on Oct 4 in the SLC temple along with Chris and Jessie.  We are so pleased and happy and excited and just love that they will be an eternal family.  I'm so proud of Keith he has come along way and he is a wonderful example to our family.  I will write next month about our week.  Fall is here and we love it, the decorations are up and the weather is changing and I love this time of the year.  

Friday, September 7, 2012

Chloe's 7th Birthday!

Chloe turned 7 on Aug 28 and she was so happy!!  She had a half day at school so we had her party that afternoon and it was a swim party!  They swam and I had a table of treats out for them and then we had a big chocolate chip cookie cake and then presents!  I love easy birthday parties, thank you to the pool!! We then enjoyed dinner at Yummy's buffet!! We love you Chloe!

Sydney's 17th Birthday!

Yes she turned 17 on Aug 2nd! We didn't do a big party but we made her breakfast and then went out to dinner that night at Olive Garden.  She got balloons and gifts from friends and we gave her gifts as well. We love you Sydney!

I'm making a goal.....

Yes it's true I'm making a goal right now to post at least once a month!  That is manageable to me and it will ensure that I don't fall too far behind on my blogging.  To play catch the middle of May we got the go ahead to start our pool!! We have been waiting for so long and we were soooo excited!!  The school year ended and summer started!  Kyle had a 3 day day camp for scouts, then zach had a week of scout camp up at Camp Raymond and then Sydney and I went to Girl's Camp.  It was so fun, I love being at camp with her and seeing her be a leader and interact with other girls.  I love to see the silliness and to hear them laugh with each other.  Camp is very spiritual and I relish in those moments with the YW and especially my daughter.  I forgot to mention that Sydney's friend Taylor Heyman left on his mission to Concepcion Chile while she was at camp and it was very emotional and hard on her but she survived!  When we got home from camp we jumped into our brand new sparkling pool and loved every moment of it!  Sydney then left the day after for EFY with her friend Ashlyn Bishop, they went to the U of U and had a wonderful time and had some great spiritual experiences.  She then stayed with grandma and grandpa Brereton for a week and then drove back to AZ with Keith and Pat and Jessie and her kids.  Jessie made the decision to move to AZ after she got a job, hopefully she likes it here and will be happy with her choice.  The rest of the summer was just swim, swim, swim and summer movies!  School started July 23 and Chloe is in 2nd grade and has Ms. Shaheen (kyle had her too), Kyle has Mrs. Nordquist and is in 5th grade and Zach is in 8th grade at Santan Jr. High and Sydney is our hoo, she can't do this to me! I'm not ready for her to be almost gone.  Sydney is now working as a nanny for 2 hrs a day and makes good money.  She is busy with her studies and is enjoying a half day now, I enjoy seeing her more at home.  Zach made the Santan soccer team and he is also on the Santan Legacy soccer team, he is very busy, plus juggling school.  Kyle is playing soccer and Chris is his coach and he is going to scouts and enjoying school.  Chloe is loving school and has really loved having her cousins live here!  She is starting dance at Dance Matrix on monday and is so excited.  Life is so good, we are just busy with the usual activities and we look forward to fall break in October!