Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thinking Back and Looking Forward

Christmas 2008 was wonderful for us we enjoyed Christmas lights, yummy treats, singing LOTS of Christmas carols (especially Chloe) shopping, wrapping, Christmas cards, spiritual moments, family time and lots of love.  We spent Christmas Eve at mom's and we had our traditional soups and bread with dessert.  Then we had a program and gift exchange.  Christmas morning was filled with lots of wrapping paper and squeals of excitement.  Some of the things the kids got were: Sydney got a camera, bejeweler, a case and rhinestones for the bejeweler, clothes, accessories for the camera, a soccer necklace, underarmor pants, bath and body works set, and more.  Zach got clothes, rubix cube, slinky, bakugan, r/c car, tetherball set, wireless guitar for the xbox 360, pump rocket and a 360 game.  Kyle got clothes, rubix cube, slinky, r/c car, bike, guess who game, pump rocket, wireless guitar, xbox 360 game, pirana panic game and last but not least Chloe got lots of sleeping beauty stuff like a dress, wand, shoes, crown, earrings, the SB dvd, 2 games, a doll, dora and the pegasus horse, barbie rapunzel dvd and more.  We all received more than we needed but we are sure grateful for what we have and for eachother.  It's been a good year and we look forward to a very exciting and prosperous 2009.  Happy New Year Everyone!   

Christmas 2008

A New Camera for Sydney
Sleeping Beauty Dress for Chloe
Bike for Kyle
Clothes and a Tetherball set for Zach

Christmas Eve at Mom's
Our 4 Beautiful children!  Merry Christmas