Monday, July 7, 2008

Chloe's First Swim Lesson

My Friend Mindy  started teaching swim lessons this summer, so we signed Chloe up and today was her first lesson and she did NOT like it!  She did okay at first on the step but when they went into the deep water she freaked out.  Mindy was so good she was very calm with her and sang cute swimming songs to her.  She put Chloe in frontwards facing the pool and had her turn around and get to the wall and then pull herself out, (yeah it's a little scary for mom) but towards the end was doing it on her own and I was so proud of her.  Chloe's voice was horse towards the end from screaming "mommy, mommy" but they looked for cute pool toys on the big step and Chloe seemed to like that.  I'm so glad we're doing this so that she can feel more comfortable in the water and not cry so much.  I'll update at the end of the 2 weeks and let you know how she does.


Giles Family said...

To much fun, tell chloe that ant jessicca is proud of her and when we come down well have to take Cassi and her and go swimming.
love ya, jess

The Gardiner Gang said...

Awww! Why is learning to swim so much screaming!? I remember my Aunt teaching my siblings when they were little and they screamed the whole time too! I felt so bad for them, but they said that's part of the learning process. I guess I'm a softy. I couldn't listen to my kids scream and sit and do nothing. I would have to just leave completely and pick them up at the end of the lesson.

Jordan may have learned later than other kids his age, but he just learned by practicing with me and it didn't involve a lot of screaming so that was good. Those little swim jackets seem to help them learn faster.
Can't wait to go to the lake Saturday!! Woo hoo!! :)

Richard and Susan said...

That's so great she's in lessons already! I bet before you know it she will love it!!