Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Play date for Chloe

The aftermath
Watching TV and eating snacks
Jumping on the trampoline

Chloe had her friend Delly over today to play. They had so much fun running from room to room, playing mommy and baby and then going to Home Depot and Lowe's with me.  Delly called the Trampoline a submarine, it was so darn cute.  They almost look like they could be sisters.  This is such a fun cute age and I'm enjoying every minute of it.  Chloe just told me she had "so much fun playing with Delly".  I love making my daughter happy.

Baseball and Soccer Season

Well the spring season of baseball and Soccer has started and we're in for a fun filled, action packed season.  Sydney is playing soccer and Chris is the coach, she is excited for the season.  Zach is playing on 2 teams he was drafted onto the AAA Yankees team with Chandler National Little League and then he plays on an East Valley League called the Peleteros.  He plays 1st Base and pitcher.  Kyle is on the Blue Claws with his friend Hunter Barth and he likes playing all positions.  He caught a great fly ball last game.  Julene Barth and I both volunteered to be the team moms so that should be fun.     It will be crazy busy the next 2 months but we are excited to see the kids excel in their individual activities and we hope they enjoy playing as much as we enjoy watching.  

Surprise Visitor for Sydney

During Spring break a few weeks ago I'm sure my kids were thinking that it was boring to just be at home especially Sydney until..... Mallory made a surprise visit!  Mallory is actually my cousin but she is closer in age to Sydney so they get along really well.  Sydney was so surprised!!!! She actually didn't know what to say.  We were just at home watching American Idol and Mallory came running in the door and ran to Sydney and it was so cute to see them together.  They did lots of fun things like watch movies, visited cousin Alyssa and family, late night Denny's run then we got the Twilight movie, shopping, build a bear, treats, sleepover with friends etc... it seemed like they had a great time.  We were so happy to have Mallory here!  

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Clean Garage!

If any of you have ever been to our house you know that our garage can be well you could say a little unorganized.  I tried many times over the years to organize and clean only to have it become a disaster zone 3 days later.  Then my very nice neighbor Fred came over and said he could make shelves for us ( like in his garage) and we jumped all over it.  It took 3 days to be finished but he did an excellent job!  Here is a picture of the shelves and one of my clean uncluttered garage.  As I was going through things I found bags from Home Depot with Receipts and stuff inside so I returned them today and got a nice store credit.  Yeah!  Cleaning and organizing is awesome!  It makes me happy and my life less stressful.  Yes, we can actually put 2 cars in our 3 car garage now :)  

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zach's last Pinewood Derby!

Making sure it's just right
Happy Zach with his Racing Roadster
Red Racing Roadster
Come on Car #4!!
Chloe happy as usual
Kyle's is all smiles-his turn next year!

Well every year the Pinewood Derby rolls around and Chris makes a new car oh I mean Chris and Zach make a new car :)  This year it was the Racing Roadster and it was lightening fast!  We all had fun as a family and the best part was that we did 53 races in 1 hour!  It was so fun.  Zach took 3rd place and was able to go to the Stake level that evening and I'm not sure what he placed there. Here are a few pics of the day.  Congratulations Zach!