Monday, July 21, 2008

Journal 7/14-7/20

This past week we didn't do too much.  The kids played with friends and swam alot.  We had dentist and ortho appointments for the kids and Chris, which is always fun at least they are at the same office.   Friday night Chris took the boys to the Diamondbacks/Dodgers game and they had awesome seats they were right on the dug out for the Dodgers!  They danced up there and caught a baseball and saw fireworks.  Zach loved it as he loves baseball.  While they were at the game I went to my sisters for a game night with my family and we had so much fun, I haven't laughed like that in a long time.  Game nights are always fun!  Sydney and I sang in church on sunday -No not a duet that would be a disaster but all the youth sang and it was a very pretty song.  This is the last week of summer for my kids so I hope they have fun and enjoy it.  I'll write again next week.

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Michelle said...

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Michelle and Matt Baird