Sunday, June 22, 2008

Utah Trip!!

We went to Utah for about 5 days to visit family.  They live in Pleasant Grove and it was the week of Strawberry Days.  They had some fun activities for us to do we went to the rodeo on thursday it was soooooooo.... much fun there were bull riders, rodeo queen's, barell races, rodeo clowns, and also mortorcycle stunts! We had a blast. On saturday we went to the parade and we sat in someone's yard and watched the parade go by. We also went to a carnival on saturday afternoon it was so much fun! We went on 2 hikes the first was up to the Falls where there are big waterfalls you can go in. :) Then also we hiked up to Timpanogas Cave. The Timp Cave was so amazing. Some man was chasing a mountain lion a long, long, long time ago and the lion ran into this cave and thats how it was found. Chris also had a high school reunion up at a park so we bought KFC and headed down there. Hmmm.... what else oh yah our Aunt Jessicca had a huge family sleepover and we watched movies and ate treats. As you can see we had a blast in Utah. We took a TON of pictures so we will add them soon.!


Hayley said...

Hey I am glad you guys had fun! Lets get together this week and hang.
Love Hayley

Giles Family said...

This was the best weekend ever, I miss you guy!!! I wise we could alway hang out together,but i guess the long time apart make it so special. Well see you soon
love you all, Jessicca