Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day!

Everyone got him a nice lawn chair to sit on at baseball games since were totally a BASEBALL family!!
Zach and Kyle made dad a soda\water holder and it says your the best with sport balls on it too!
Sydney and Chloe made dad a hat that says we love daddy and it has sport balls all over it! :)
Dad loved it! :D


Tony, Kara, and The Crew said...
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Tony, Kara, and The Crew said...

Christy it is so nice of you to put Tony and my song on your blog.
("When you say nothing at all") I know you are realy thinking about us. This makes us feel SPECIAL!
HA! HA! Just kidding. It was funny I was looking at my blog then I went to yours and it was playing the same song. Well we miss you guys. Keep on reading (Breaking Dawn) it only gets better. I cannot wait for the movie!!I got on her web site last night and read the 1st chapter of the new book about Edwards (HAAAA!) view.
We love you guys, Kara