Saturday, June 14, 2008

Girls Camp....

So as some of you know Sydney went to girls camp this past week and as always she LOVED it! We were all so happy when she came home Saturday (today) When she came home she was dirty, smelly, sun burned, and way way way tired! Our ward always makes camp fun for the girls. We have SOOOO many girls! Anyways we will try to put camp pictures on for you :)

Alright after we tell you this you will be like WOW they go to the movies A LOT! well we usually don't we just have been bored anyways today we went for father's day and it was Sydney, Zach, and Chris they saw Indiana Jones 4. They all liked it but the air conditioning was broken apparently so they give us 3 free admission cards sooo0.. we will be going to the movies some more :) 

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The Gardiner Gang said...

I can't wait to hear about camp! And you lucky ducks with the free tickets!! So were they all hot and sweaty watching the movie? Maybe it helped them get the feel that they were running around in the heat with Indy!! LOL! (I liked it too! My dad treated all us kids to see it when it came out. It was fun! NO KIDS!)