Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our little Mia

Well we had to say goodbye to our little Mia.  She was bit a few months ago on the eye by our black lab Daisy (she wasn't happy that Mia was trying to eat her food).  Mia's eye swelled up and then a bluish grey film covered it and we could tell that she was blind in that eye.  So from then on we fed the dogs separately until the other night when Mia slipped out the sliding door while Daisy was being fed and it happened again on the other eye!  This time it was worse and the eye popped out of the socket (not all the way out) but enough that even if she had the surgery(over $1000) to fix it there was no guarantee that she would ever see in that eye.  So we decided to take her to humane society and they could decide whether to treat her or put her down.  The doctor there said there was hope of fixing it and adopting her to someone who could take care of a blind dog.  We are so sad!  We miss her and I think Daisy misses her too.  We just knew that with 4 kids and all the friends running around and with Daisy acting the way she does we knew we couldn't keep her anymore.  She was such a funny dog and loved to sit her little bum on daisy and then her front paws would sit on the ground, it was so  cute.  The pics are of the kids on the morning we took her away.  Her eyes were bandaged so she couldn't see anything.  It was heartbreaking to see my kids cry and suffer that she was leaving.  That was the hardest part for me, hands down. ( I didn't put the extra sad pictures on).  Goodbye Mia Sophia we love you!


Natalie said...

How hard! Pets are great, but most of them dont outlive us, and that is by far the worst part! We had a dog die (my Jasper) and another we had to put down because she bit people. (Nice, huh?) It happens so much though it seems like a rite of passage almost for childhood, doesnt it? Poor Mia! (And poor kids!)

Alisa (Hanny) said...

Oh my! What a sad story. Pets don't live long in our house...that's why we don't have them. So sorry!

Stacy said...

Very sorry to hear the bad news. It's tough when we get attached.