Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My 14 Year Old Sydney

My attempt at a flip flop cake
Her new chair for her room

Yummy breakfast!

Oh how I love this girl!  Sydney is such a wonderful, beautiful, caring daughter.  She turned 14 on August 2nd which was a sunday (fast sunday) so we did her birthday breakfast in bed on saturday the 1st and she had requested Cheesy potatoes and a smoothie and that's exactly what she got.  Then her and I went shopping and she get a new purse and wallet, a papasan chair for her room, a new lamp.  Then on her real birthday she got a big picture frame to put her friends pictures in.  She also received great cards and lots and lots of goodies!! Holy cow we had so much sugar in our house.  Grandma G brought over homemade custom cupcakes in a very cute box ( she also took her shopping and to dinner for her b-day). She also received some $$ from Grandma and Grandpa Brereton.  She got a cake from Brooke M, yummy brownies from the Chapples and then I attempted to make a flip flop cake.  I did a few things wrong but it turned out okay I will know better for the next one though.  All in all it was a great weekend for her.  The next weekend she wanted to do something with her friends so we took them to the Arizona Grand resort and we had dinner, stayed the night in a suite, ate lots of junk food and then Hayley and I got up early and went running almost 5 miles (had to work off the junk food).  They we stayed and played at the resort water park.  It was so fun!  Happy Birthday Sydney!


Hayley said...

I love the cake and I love her room. I had a blast at the AZ Grand. Thanks for letting me a part of the b-day celebration!

Stacy said...

How fun for Sydney! I can't believe she's 14. She was only 9 when we moved here!

Christy said...

wow! i want to have my birthday at your house next year. sounds like you celebrate 'birthweek'. too fun! sydney is such a beautiful, sweet girl. and such a good sport to endure extended family time on her b-day!