Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zach's last Pinewood Derby!

Making sure it's just right
Happy Zach with his Racing Roadster
Red Racing Roadster
Come on Car #4!!
Chloe happy as usual
Kyle's is all smiles-his turn next year!

Well every year the Pinewood Derby rolls around and Chris makes a new car oh I mean Chris and Zach make a new car :)  This year it was the Racing Roadster and it was lightening fast!  We all had fun as a family and the best part was that we did 53 races in 1 hour!  It was so fun.  Zach took 3rd place and was able to go to the Stake level that evening and I'm not sure what he placed there. Here are a few pics of the day.  Congratulations Zach!


Hayley said...

Looks like fun! I love the car and the color of the car!!! I am glad you had fun.

Stacy said...

That was a fun day!