Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baseball and Soccer Season

Well the spring season of baseball and Soccer has started and we're in for a fun filled, action packed season.  Sydney is playing soccer and Chris is the coach, she is excited for the season.  Zach is playing on 2 teams he was drafted onto the AAA Yankees team with Chandler National Little League and then he plays on an East Valley League called the Peleteros.  He plays 1st Base and pitcher.  Kyle is on the Blue Claws with his friend Hunter Barth and he likes playing all positions.  He caught a great fly ball last game.  Julene Barth and I both volunteered to be the team moms so that should be fun.     It will be crazy busy the next 2 months but we are excited to see the kids excel in their individual activities and we hope they enjoy playing as much as we enjoy watching.  

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