Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Surprise Visitor for Sydney

During Spring break a few weeks ago I'm sure my kids were thinking that it was boring to just be at home especially Sydney until..... Mallory made a surprise visit!  Mallory is actually my cousin but she is closer in age to Sydney so they get along really well.  Sydney was so surprised!!!! She actually didn't know what to say.  We were just at home watching American Idol and Mallory came running in the door and ran to Sydney and it was so cute to see them together.  They did lots of fun things like watch movies, visited cousin Alyssa and family, late night Denny's run then we got the Twilight movie, shopping, build a bear, treats, sleepover with friends etc... it seemed like they had a great time.  We were so happy to have Mallory here!  

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