Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy Month!

Life has been very busy in our household.  I love the fall (even though it's still 103 degrees), the humidity goes away, the mornings are perfect and there's excitement for the upcoming months.  We have been busy with baseball, homework and projects.  The boys are doing great on their teams, both teams are undefeated so far, they truly are becoming good little ball players and we are proud of them. Sydney is busy with lots of homework and projects.  She had a fun opportunity last week, for a grade in school she had to perform at halftime in the marching band at the Hamilton High School and Brophy Prep football game, it was a huge game and even some of the AZ. Cardinal players were there (Matt Leinhert)!  She is busy making new friends, being a good missionary and tumbling on monday nights with Zach, we're proud of you.  Chloe is well lets just say Chloe!  She is always into things and loves to talk about her friend Thea and her cousins.  She loves Disney princesses and we just celebrated her 3rd birthday the end of August (of course it was a princess party)  She got a new bike, dress up clothes, barbie laptop, 2 new dolls, a ball and some new pj's.  
I was released from the Young Women's a few weeks ago (cry, cry) and put into primary and I'm now teaching Zach's class (yeah)!  Kyle read his 100 books so we are off to Disneyland in October with our good friends the Moore's and we're all very excited especially Chloe, she always talks about the princesses she will see. Chris is always busy with work and he is enjoying his new hobby as Cactus Chris, he loves going out to the farm and watching those cactus grow. 
 I don't mean to ramble but I'm trying to catch up on what we've been doing.   We also enjoyed a nice afternoon at the temple yesterday with my family and then we went to dinner at Rosa's Mexican food.  I'll post some new pictures soon.


Natalie said...

Sounds like you guys are BUSY! :) Fun stuff though! It doesnt get better than this, does it? (Family I mean.) :)
It was fun to get to talk to you guys on Saturday a bit! I was sad to run, but felt like I had to not only go save my son (who ended up actually finally falling asleep by the time we got there!) but my parents!
Cant wait to see you guys again soon!

Christy said...

Busy but fun! I miss you guys. Wish we lived closer so we could hang out more! We are going to DL in October too...what days will you be there? We'll probably be there on the 17th or 18th.

Ashlee said...

I dont know how you have enough time in your day to do everything! We need to get together SOON! We love you guys

Tony, Kara, and The Crew said...

You sound as busy as we are. You are always leaving posts on out sight so thought I would start doing the same. Tell Sydney I love the Chris Brown song that is playing. It is one of my favorites right now. Wish I would get Thanksgiving off so we can come down there. I tried to get the day after off so I could fly down the day of and have the next few days off but it is impossible. Well the puppies eyes have started to open, when they get a little bigger we will put them on the blog again. Love you guys. Kara