Saturday, November 29, 2008

Were ready for Christmas!

I think that our family is SO ready for Christmas. Our house is all decorated. Mom was pretty bumbed that she was not the first one with the christmas tree or christmas lights up. I told her there is always next year! Tonight we decorated the tree with ornaments and put up the lights. Mom put up the decorations up on Tuesday night. :)

Our beautiful tree
Kyle hanging up ornaments 
This picture makes me laugh!
Zach's turn to put up the star
 4 Beautiful kids
Mom and Dad
Our finished product outside
And some lights
Inside decor
Inside decor
Our stockings 
Our little town


Richard and Susan said...

That looks gorgeous!!!

Bella Blogger said...

Everything looks great. I love the picture of the green grass outside your house. It's been a while since we've seen grass. The snow storms just keep coming. Hey, we need your address. Can you e-mail it to me at: