Saturday, November 22, 2008


FINALLY IT'S ARRIVED!  Sydney and I went on thursday night with her friend Brittany, my sister Hayley, SIL Randee and her sis Trini, Hayley's SIL Julie and her 2 girls and our cousin Susan.  We had so much fun talking, playing games, and eating.  I LOVED the movie and feel the need to see it at least a few more times.  We stood in line @8:30 and got into a theater pretty fast and then didn't get home until 3am.  I recommend it to all my Twilight friends.


Richard and Susan said...

That was an awesome night! I always love hanging out with you girls!!

Hayley said...

Twilight!!!! I had a blast and yes the movie was great!!! They offically announced to production of New Moon on the Stephenie Meyer website. So heres to next year.

Tony, Kara, and The Crew said...

So have you seen it again yet. I have seen it 3 times now and love it everytime.