Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Yes, after many years of saying no to running, I have finally decided to try it out.  I started with my sisters running program 6 weeks ago or so and have loved it!!  The program starts you out gradually so like the first week I ran 2 minutes and walked 4 minutes for a total of 30 minutes, now I'm running 13 minutes and walking 2 minutes 2x.  My sweet daughter Sydney saved her money and bought me an ipod for my birthday and my boys got me an itunes gift card to fill it up with great music.  That has really helped me as I run, so I can focus on something other than my side aches and shin splints.  I've been dealing with shin splints for a few weeks now so I'm going in to get some new shoes. Yeah!  Zach and I and my mom, my uncle Peter, my cousin Kalyn and her husband Nathan all ran the Chandler Challenge on saturday the 18th it was fun.  Zach came in like 12th over all and my mom got 3rd place in her age group (Go mom!) I came in 21st in my age group so I've got some work to do.  I really have enjoyed it, I quit the gym and just run 4 times a week at 6:15 am.  The weather has been nice so far and I'm still able to wear shorts and a tank top but I'm hoping it cools down soon as 95 degrees in October gets to be annoying sometimes -80 degrees would be nice.   


Bella Blogger said...

AWESOME. Nice job on the new exercise program. Be careful, running can be addicting. Before you know it you'll be signing up for a marathon!

Hayley said...

Keep going!!! You are kicking butt. Not only are going to keep your body fit but your mind will stay sane through this amazing stress reliever we call running. You are da bomb.