Thursday, October 9, 2008


Kyle fighting Darth Maul?

Sydney, Tiffany, Chloe and Thea on the Teacups
Chloe and Snow White

Our hotel had bunk beds they all wanted the top
Chloe and Thea
Chloe and Minnie
Zach learning to be a Jedi Fighter
Each time one of our children reads 100 books (when they first start reading) we take the family to Disneyland.  Kyle was our reader this time and we left on sunday and got back last night.  We had a great time, we went with our good friends the Moore's so that made it extra fun.  We LOVE Disneyland but we didn't like the fact that California had an extra week of vacation and they all decided to come at the same time, and it was record temperatures of 100 degrees!  Yes, we're used to that but we were hoping for some nicer weather.  We got to go on most of the rides we wanted except the Nemo ride, the line was sooo long and I wasn't standing in that with a feisty 3 year old.  Next time we decided that November or December will be a perfect time to go.  


Natalie said...

Thea could be Josie's twin! Seriously, that little girl looks like Josie with red hair! Crazy!
Looks like fun! I am determined to take our kids to Disneyland despite Clint's feelings on the subject. :)
Thanks for hanging out at the park today and for feeding Ryan fishies. :)

Clint said...

Disneyland is so NOT the happiest place on earth. There I said it. Whatcha gonna do about it? Huh? And I thought Star Wars was Lucas Films thing. When did it become a Disney thing?

Bella Blogger said...

FUN! That would motivate me to read. How many times have you been?

Giles Family said...

it look's like you had fun i wish we were with you!! I'll have read a 100 books by the time i get out of the program mabe then it will be my tern to go hehehe !!!
love jess

Hayley said...

I want to go to Disneyland!!! It looks like a blast maybe we will go with you sometime.

Hayley said...

I want to go to Disneyland!!! It looks like a blast maybe we will go with you sometime.

SHANE & JOSIE said...

Your cute little family is growing so fast. Your trip to Disneyland looks like it was so much fun. I feel like we haven't seen you guys since well forever ago. Did Sydney make the cheer squad? Zach and Kyle look great in there baseball uniforms, and Chloe is so cute... I love the ballerina pictures. Anyways we need to get together for dinner or something again some time... This time it is our turn to host you guys. I don't have any of your numbers and just when Shane got Chris and Sydney's numbers again he went and sold his phone and didn't get any numbers out. So if it wouldn't be to much can you have them text him their numbers please. we'd love to get together soon when you guys have time. Hope all is well... Take care