Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Finishing up 2012

In October of 2012 we traveled to Utah as a family and we were able to witness a beautiful moment in the Brereton families lives.   Keith went through the temple for the first time in the Mt. Timpanogos temple.  They had some friends there and then it was me, Chris and Jessie.  It was a very sweet day, it was wonderful to see him in the temple and smiling be a completely different person than he used to be.  We ate in the temple cafeteria afterwards and then took pictures outside.  Then on the weekend Keith and Pat were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.  It was a beautiful day and we all went to SLC. Sydney and Zach were outside babysitting the kids on the temple grounds.  It was a very sweet sealing and what a powerful moment it was to see Keith and Pat be sealed but then to have Chris and Jessie Sealed to them as well was so amazing.  There were no dry eyes in the room and we were all so proud.  Afterwards we took pictures outside and we walked over to The Lion House for a nice dinner together.  As we were leaving the Lion House we had ordered a horse and carriage for them to ride around SLC.  It was so fun because they did not expect it and they were like a newlywed couple, they were so happy.  It always makes me smile to see the gospel and the spirit working in our lives.  I am so proud of Keith and Pat is a great example of endurance and devotion.

Later in the month of October Sydney and I took a fun trip to a cabin in Greer with the youth and we did repelling, the zip line, took 4 wheel rides through the woods, ate good food and laughed! The youth are so fun to hang out with and we always have such a good time together.

 To finish october we had an adult skating party and it was 80's night.  Those nights are always fun as so many couple come and skate and enjoy eachothers company and the outfits are pretty awesome as well.

For Halloween 2012 Chloe was the Mad Hatter, Kyle was a baseball player and a bottle of ketchup and Zach got a very expensive body suit that had muscles all over it, he only wore that once....At Halloween we have lots of events to go to, so the kids always love the ward trunk or treat, Paseo Crossing Halloween party and of course trick or treating in Paseo crossing with a fun dinner beforehand in the cul-de-sac.

November brought soccer of course, Chris was Kyle's coach and they had an amzing winning season and did not lose one game. Zach played for legacy on the Red team and did great, he also tried reffing for soccer and was not too fond of it.  Sydney also played soccer for fun and it was her last soccer season that she played, boo hoo.

 We can never forget November is Kyle's birthday month!  He turned 11 and of course we celebrated! We took him and his buddies to K1 Speed Racing!  They loved it!  It was go kart speed racing and they had a blast. Afterwards we took them to Grimaldi's Pizza for dinner, presents and singing.

Kyle also earned his Arrow of Light in scouts, go Kyle!!

 In December we celebrate Zach!  He turned 14 and became a teacher in the young mens program.
For his birthday we had his friends over to make their own personal pizza from the pizza oven.  They played xbox, foosbol, air hockey and played games outside.

  For Christmas 2012 we decorated right after thanksgiving, made cookies, wrapped gifts, gave gifts and of course we saw the temple lights.  We had Christmas eve with my family at my moms and Christmas day dinner was at Hayley's. 

 New years Eve we had a huge adult game night!  We played games and sang karaoke and ate great food!  I'm so grateful for a wonderful year of good health, family moments and memories never to forget and a family that I love dearly.  Good Bye 2012

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