Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Busy, Busy, Busy!

This week starting with Sunday has been so busy!  Not sure why Sunday is called the day of rest, I was gone from 9:40 am until 8:45pm that evening.  I had meetings, church, family dinner and then a camp meeting.  I was soooo tired and just fell into bed that night.  I've been working a bit this week and the kids are busy with homework and school.  Kyle had a baseball game on monday and did great!  ZAch had a volleyball game on monday as well and they won 2 games to 1 against Payne JH.  Zach consistently plays each game for the entire time.  Tonight the youth are going to the temple for Baptisms.  I am excited to do that with them, what a wonderful opportunity.  Sydney has her dance recital wed, thurs and friday of this week and I can't wait to see it.  She has been working on it all year.  Sydney has also been busy with prom plans!  She was asked on saturday by Jamison but I soon found out that another boy was going to ask her that same night too.  She has been helping all these boys ask these girls in cute ways.  I love that they are going to go in a big group and some are blind dates so I hope that turns out well.  Grandma Gardiner is making her dress it's a pretty soft, yellow, chiffon dress that goes to the floor.  I can't wait to take pictures!!!  Chloe is loving every moment with her friends, Thea came over and they play so good now so they had a good time.  Life is so good, now if we could just get our pool plans approved it would be even better!  We are going on waiting 6 months now......


Mamadjens said...

i am here by this to say hello, and to say u be happy for ever.
the family is very important and so make them happy.
i am from guinea-Bissau.

Mamadjens said...

the family is most important.
so let make them happy for ever.

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