Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not Too Much

Well I feel I need to just post what we are doing for journaling sake. We are one busy family that is for sure. I'm so happy to be able to do these things even though I may grumble some days. The kids are good just busy with sports. Zach played a game last night and hit a home run. Kyle went to scouts and got a great FHE lesson to teach us. Chloe brought a new friend from school home named Isabelle, she was so excited to have her here. Sydney went to a party last weekend and they were on a super big slip and slide and she somehow stepped on a stake and it almost went into the foot (thank goodness that didn't happen) but she does have a nice bruise and it's hurts and is hard to walk on. I sent a note to school so she wouldn't have to play soccer this morning (she was excited). We had a really busy sunday I had Ward council at 7am, then it was church 9-12, it was my turn to teach and I have such a great group of girls! Then it was time for choir practice all the YW and their mom's are singing in church in 2 weeks and it's a beautiful song so we are practicing to sound good. After Choir which ran a bit late we were on our way home and Chris texted Sydney and told her to hurry and we weren't sure what was going on, (doesn't he know we were already hurrying home for my sunday afternoon nap??) Well that didn't happen, as soon as I walked in the door he said we had a missionary discussion in 5 minutes!! So I quickly tidied up the house and we had Sylvia's boss Irma and her husband over with Sylvia and Missionaries for a great discussion. Soon after we realized that the missionaries needed dinner and we offered to have them stay, which they did and then it was quickly time for the youth fireside at 7pm. Bro. Harris spoke and did a great job talking about loving people through problems. Then we were home around 9...it was a long day but it's all good and productive things that we were doing. This week we are having an Etiquette dinner for the youth they do it every year and love it. Wow I didn't expect to write this much. Off to start breakfast for the kids.


Hayley said...

Busy, busy, busy! But with good things. Your kids will really benefit from those missionary discussions. We need to have some in our home.

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