Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas 2009

Well it's about time I caught up on the last few months.  Christmas time for us is always our favorite. We had a great Pajama party at my mom's house with good food, a program and presents.   We then went to Utah for Christmas and on the way up we stopped in Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Bowl, BYU vs. Oregon. We had great 3rd row seats, so we got some good pictures.  It was extremely cold and windy at the game and we were definitely not equipped for the cold weather.  The thin mittens from the dollar store did not cut it. But it was fun and a nice man in front of us loaned us his blanket to keep warm so we survived.  We actually ended up being on TV as the ball was kicked into the stands because of the wind and Chris almost caught it but the guy behind us caught it instead and the cameras just happened to be on us and we received lots of calls and texts.    Utah was VERY cold and there was snow for the kids to play in which was nice.  We had a wonderful Christmas with Chris's family, ate lots of good food, played a super fun game, went sledding and saw the temple lights, and had a great Christmas.  Chloe was sick that morning so she didn't really enjoy her gifts until later that day.  The kids got lots of great gifts and gadgets, games etc...  Now on to 2010, yeah!

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