Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kyle's Baptism

Kyle was Baptized by Chris on Nov 21, 2009 along with his cousin Porter by his Dad Tony.  It was such a good time to be together as a family and make a great memory.  We had family come from Utah and had all our family with us that lives in Arizona as well.  I was so proud of Kyle and could see how happy he was.   It was a beautiful day and we of course celebrated afterwards with a big BBQ at our house and the kids ran and played and the adults talked and ate.  I thoroughly enjoyed that day and was so grateful for family and friends that came from all over to be with us.  Congratulations Kyle we love you and are so proud of you!


The Gardiner Gang said...

I love the pictures of your kids on the sidebar!!

Bella Blogger said...

How awesome to be baptized and celebrate with your cousin on the same day. You guys are great parents and are raising great kids! Lily went to her first baptism the other day and is so excited about it...even though it's over a year away.

Julie said...

Hey Christy,
Remember me?, I used to visit teach you when my hubby and I lived in cooper commons...This is Julie Brooks...I found your blog through nienie. you commented and I was like "could it be??" Your family is adorable and It was good to see all the fun photos on your blog...Hope to hear from you!!