Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween from the Breretons!

Halloween is always for us.  Our neighborhood has a party every year and it's so fun, this year Chloe went as a Hula girl to that party and then went as a mermaid to go trick or treating. Zach went as a football player and Kyle as a baseball player and Sydney well she's a teenager so she didn't dress up.... I reminded her that I went trick or treating until I was a senior in high school, but she didn't budge..... We carved pumpkins the day before halloween and then roasted the seeds, they are yummy!  Halloween night the kids went with their friends and got tons of candy and had a great time.  

Good looking pumpkin there Zach!
Don't cut yourself Kyle!
Trick or Treat!
The end result, don't they look happy?
My four beautiful Children
Sydney and her friends at the carnival
Chloe at the halloween carnival
She makes a cute hula girl if I do say so myself


Hayley said...

It looks like fun! We carved pumpkins this year for the first time. It was great fun.

Stacy said...

So fun!